mercredi, décembre 27, 2006

maigres fêtes

hard to tell or recognise a sign
to see me through a warning sign

first the thunder satisfied,
if the past it will not lie
then the storm torn asunder
the future you and I get blown away
in the storm in a lifetime
and as the rain it falls begin again,
as the storm breaks through heavy in my heart
believe the light in you
so the light shines in you without color,
faded and worn torn asunder in the storm

unless the sound has faded from your soul
unless it disappears

first the thunder selfish storm
then the storm hold on the inside
torn asunder one life in the storm
in a lifetime in a lifetime

4 commentaires:

Larsen a dit…

Je comprends pas trop bien tout mais c'est sur que les sons sonnent !

M.G a dit…

C'est normal Larsen, c'est de l'anglais (et c'est pas de moi, celui qui trouve gagne un carambar vintage).

Larsen a dit…

This is Bono. What is a vintage carambar (a 30 year-old-one ?) ? Not very exciting perspective...
I remember why it reminded me of 24 : C.T.U. (I don't want 2 vintage carambars).

M.G a dit…

do we know each other?